The Friday Message - Issue No: 355 - How important is salaat to you?

The Friday Message - Issue No: 355 - How important is salaat to you?

Salamun alaykum,

Yesterday the sad occasion of demise of our sixth Imam J’afar Al Sadiq a.s. was observed. He was born in Medina on 17th Rabi ul Awwal, 83 A.H. His parents are the fifth Imam Muhammad Al Baqir a.s. and Sayyida Fatima (Um Farwa); daughter of Al Qasim bin Muhammad bin Abi Bakr.
He assumed the office of Imamat in 114 A.H. at the age of 31 years and led the Ummah for 34 years till the time of his martyrdom on the 25th Shawwal,148 A.H. at the age of 65 years.


Imam J’afar Sadiq a.s. stood out among the people for his great merit (fadl); he was the most celebrated, the greatest in rank and the most illustrious of them in the eyes of both the Non-Shia (al-amma) and the Shi'a (al-khassa). The learned scholars have transmitted narrations on the authority of no other member of the Ahlul-Bayt as much as they have transmitted on authority of Imam J’afar Sadiq a.s.

J’afariya: Another name of the Shias

During the period of his imamate, the sixth Imam had greater possibilities and existence of a more favourable climate for him to propagate religious teachings. This came about as a result of revolts in Islamic Lands, especially the uprising to overthrow the Umayyad caliphate, and the bloody wars which finally led to the fall and extinction of the Umayyads. The occasion provided opportunity for the Imam to propagate the religious sciences until the very end of his imamate. The great role of Imam J’afar Sadiq a.s. in promoting scholarship, consolidation and exposure of teachings of the message of Noble Prophet nurtured the body of ‘Islam original’ and made the Shia Ithna Asheri (followers of 12 Imams) be synonymous as J’afariya.

Last will of 6th Imam:

Abu Basir, a companion of the 6th Imam, went to the Imam’s house to offer his condolences to the bereaved family. Lady Hamida, widow of the Imam mentioned to him,” O Abu Basir! Had you been there at the time of the final moments of the Imam when he called for all in his house to assemble before him and conveyed his advice:...Surely our intercession does not reach to one who takes the prayers lightly..”

Imam is concerned:

Even at the crucial moment of exit from this mortal world when the soul of Imam is being received by the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt, the 6th Imam is expressing concern for his Shias. Notice here that in these words of concern, the Imam is not concerned about the people who do not pray. These people are in a completely different category. His words are directed to those who do pray. Yes, it is a concern for the ones who though they do pray, yet do not give importance to the prayer.


How does one take the prayers lightly?
What needs to be improved in fulfilling the obligation of prayers so as to be deserving of the intercession on the final day of judgement?
What preparations need to be done towards attaining success in prayers?
As a Shia does your performance in prayers increase happiness to your Imam?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat