The Friday Message - Issue No. 350 - Will you support the Noble Prophet?

Salamun alaykum,

An announcement:

On sighting the crescent of month of Sha’baan, it was the practice of the Noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW to arrange for a proclamation to be done in Madina. The town crier would proclaim:
“O people of Yathrib! I am the bearer of news from the Messenger of Allah. Know that Sh’abaan is shahri; my month. May Allah have mercy upon one who supports me in this month.”

The Qu’ran, being kitabullah –book of God- surpasses excellence over all other books in its connection to Allah SWT.
Similarly, the month of Sha’baan being addressed by the Noble Prophet as shahri –my month- exceeds status over the other months. In linking the month of Sha’baan to himself, the Noble Prophet is signalling towards the excellence of this month. By this announcement, the people are being made aware that the month of Sha’ban is dedicated to the Prophet. Further one who extends support to the Prophet in this month is rewarded by prophetic prayers for Divine Mercy to be bestowed on the person.

So, how can one support the Noble Prophet?

What form of support does the Prophet require today from you? Is it in form of physical, mental, physical, financial form? In what form of resources is support required by the Noble Prophet?
Does not the support required by the Noble Prophet be from each and every type of our resources? Yes, it’s any resource be it in form of thought, speech, material, financial or physical deed such that it acts out towards supporting the Noble Prophet.

Do you love the Noble Prophet?

On commencement of month of Sh’abaan, the fourth Imam Ali Zaynul Abidin would gather his companions and address them saying, “O my companions, do you know which month this is? It is the month of Sha'ban about which the Prophet used to say,”Sh’abaan is my month. So, keep fasts during this month for the love of your Prophet and to attain closeness to your Creator.” By Allah in whose hands is my soul, I have heard from my father, Husayn bin Ali, that he had heard from Amirul Muminin, that whoever keeps fast during Sha’baan for the love of the Prophet and to attain closeness to Allah SWT, will be loved by Allah and on the Day of Judgment will be close to generosity of Allah and Paradise will be assured to him.”

In addition fasting in the month of Sha’baan gives us a chance to start preparing for the month of Ramadan.

Do you love the Prophet? Will you support the Noble Prophet?

Indeed, the response by a Muslim to these 2 questions would definitely be an overwhelming YES. However, the essential questions following this are:
What support does the Noble Prophet require from a devoted Muslim and how can one do so?

Reflect: In addition to fasting, what are the other ways in which you can respond to the announcement of the Noble Prophet on Sh’abaan and extend support to him?
I humbly invite you to consider how one can increase their acts of ibadah-servitude-during this blessed month, especially under the current difficult circumstances.

What is the benefit of fasting in Sha’baan?

“Whoever fasts on Mondays and Thursdays of Sh’aban, Allah will fulfill twenty of his worldly wishes and twenty of his wishes of the Hereafter”
(Noble Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w.)
Keeping fast on Thursdays of the month of Sh’abaan also carries great significance. It has been reported that the heavens are decorated each Thursday in the month of Sha’baan and the angels pray to Allah SWT to forgive all those who fast on that day and their prayers are accepted. 

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat