The Friday Message - Issue No: 330 - Are you yearning for Imam Mahdi (A.F)

 mahdi saviourSalamun alaykum,

Our world today: Chaos and sorrowful condition:

The media headlines are full of reports of suppression of people by tyrant regimes, unrest by rebels, invasions by armed forces, occupations of lands, usurpation of peoples’ homes and land. Terrorist attacks have led to loss of huge numbers of innocent human lives including women and children. There is displacement of people and citizens have become victims of genocide due to their race or beliefs.
Greed for wealth and excessive indulgence in corruption is now the order of the day. Whilst great wealth is spent on production of gadgets of comfort, it is ironical that the basic needs such as food, water, clothing, shelter, education to most vulnerable of our society cannot be provided.
Destruction of environment and effects of climate change due to global warming is drastically Affecting earth and life. Excessive indulgence in moral, social, political and economic corruption has now become the order of the day.This miserable situation is worsening as the moral human values continue to become extinct.

Whereas people of different faiths and even of no faith have co-existed in harmony; now around the world man cannot live in harmony with neighbours on earth. Fanaticism, Anti-semitism, Islamophobia, intolerance and bloodshed is prevailing. There are frightening cries for safety of lives. All around there is displacement of people seeking to escape from this torturous life.
Is this not a chaotic, sorrowful condition of the world we are living in?

Who will deliver us?

Mankind is yearning for a reformer, a saviour of humanity who will bring a change to the present despicable condition of fear, terror and chaos we find ourselves in. Man is desperately craving for a commanding figure who will deliver us from this miserable situation.
The belief in a Messiah, a Saviour who will lead the world towards peace and tranquility is cherished by all.
Is there any hope for the under privileged and deprived people of the world?
Yes. The belief in a saviour who will lead the world towards peace and tranquillity is cherished by all.
“…when Qaaim of Ahlul Bayt rises, he will divide the wealth equally and rule justly….he will fill the earth with justice, equity and radiance after it has been filled with injustice, oppression and evil.” (5th Imam Muhammad Al Baaqir a.s.)
This esteemed personality, the hope for mankind, is the 12th Imam Al Mahdi, who is the Awaited (Al Muntadhar).

He is born:

This weekend we will be observing a very special day; the 15th of Sha’baan. In addition to observing the Laylatul Baraa-ah (Night for seeking immunity), it marks the date of the birth of the one who will restore purity and fill the earth with justice. He was born on the 15th Sh’abaan 255 A.H. / 874 C.E. He is the final Imam Al Mahdi who is the Awaited (Al Muntadhar), the Last proof of Allah (Al Hujjat) and Master of Age (Saahibal Asr waz Zaman).
By Divine decree the Imam Al Mahdi is in a period of Ghaybatul Kubra; major occultation. We have been separated from our Imam by this occurrence of ghaybah. In this state of the world that we are living in, indeed we are lonely and forlorn. Like a lover whose beloved is missing, our hearts are desirous for his physical presence and command of the affairs. We long for the day of the re-appearance of our Imam Al Mahdi.

How much does one yearn for Imam Al Mahdi?

When prophet Yusuf was separated from his father prophet Yaqub, as a result of his scheming brothers, Prophet Yaqub was deeply affected by this tragedy. He was very restless and used to always remember his son Yusuf. He grieved so much for his lost son that he lost his eyesight.
Like Prophet Yaqub craving for his beloved son Yusuf, are you restless and consumed with the desire for Imam Al Mahdi? Do you feel the loneliness during this contemporary age of ghayba and long for his dhuhur (re-appearance) and faraj ?

How are you preparing yourself for that moment?

Are you responding to call of support by our Noble Prophet, announced at commencement of month of Sha’baan, by way of preparing one’s self to serve Imam Al Mahdi?
This is the time to sincerely renew our pledge of allegiance to our Imam Al Mahdi, Saahibal Asr waz Zaman, to support him in accomplishing his Divine mission of spreading peace, justice and prosperity around the world.

Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Wiladat of 12th Imam Al Mahdi Saahibal Asri waz Zaman (A.F.)

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah
With salaams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat