Is it Isra wal M’iraj;

This is an indisputable historical event in the life of Noble Prophet. Very widely and commonly held belief that the event of Isra wal M’iraj; the nightly journey and ascension of the Noble Prophet took place on 27th night of Rajab. However, unlike the wider Muslim community, we believe that the exact date is not 27th Rajab. Additionally, the Noble Prophet had undertaken several M’iraj -ascension- journeys to the Heavens.
It is worth noting that there is no harm in celebrating Isra wal M’iraj on 27th Rajab. However, the occurrence of actual event that occurred on this date should not be eclipsed.

What is being celebrated and what is fadhila -excellence- of 27th Rajab?

Ahadith establish that the 27th Rajab is the day of Mab’ath -commissioning- of the Noble Prophet.
“Do not abandon fasting of the 27th Rajab. For it is the day when Apostleship was commissioned upon Muhammad (SAWW). Its reward is equivalent to 60 months for you.” 6th Imam J’afar As Sadiq a.s.

“In Rajab there is a night which is better for people than all the things on which the sun shines. It is the night of 27th Rajab: when Rasulallah was commissioned on its day…whoever from our Shias performs the devotions of this night gets the reward for (performing deeds) 60 years.” 9th Imam Muhammad at Taqi a.s.

B’ithat: Formal commissioning, Inauguration of Apostleship:

1412 years from today, on the 27th Rajab, in the year 40 Aamul Feel /610 C.E., when the Noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW was 40 years of age, the trusted archangel Jibrail descended with the following verses:
“Read in the name of your Lord. He created man from a clot. Read (Proclaim) and your Lord is most honorable. He who taught the use of the pen. Who taught man what he knew not.” Suratul Alaq 96:1-5

This was the commencement of the wahy; revelation of Noble Quran. Henceforth it is the day of B’ithat- Day of formal commissioning of responsibility of Apostleship of Noble Prophet Muhammad SAWW. The flow of the Divine revelation continued for twenty-three years till the end of the life of the Prophet. On this date the Noble Prophet was now formally commissioned (bi’that) to arise and proclaim Tawhid and demolish the ignorance.

Reflections: How is day of B’ithat significant for us today?

(1) Appreciating Quran:

Knowing that the Apostleship of Noble Prophet was inaugurated with commencement of revelation of Qur’an. How attached are you to the Quran to ignite you towards commitment of eiman? Is the Quran your close friend just as you would like it to be your close one in the darkness of the grave? Q

Strive to be closer to the Quran. Where do you rate with regards to fluent recitation, translation and reflection? Make a point to recite daily some verse of Noble Quran. Endeavor to live life according to Quran.
“By Allah! I adjure you in the matter of the Quran. Others should not precede you in excelling to act upon it” Imam Ali bin Abi Talib a.s.

With Shahru Ramadhan round the corner why not prepare /plan how the Noble Qur’an will feature in your schedule just as we do so for Iftar and sehri?

(2) Living Islam:

The Mission of Prophethood was not an easy and smooth affair for the Noble Prophet. He faced huge challenges in form of humiliation, persecution, boycotts, wars, and various other obstacles on the path of conveying /living Islam. From a handful of Muslims to the current number of close 2 billion Muslims did not come about naturally. It was the determination, commitment, and sacrifice of the followers to submit living Islam that led to this. In our contemporary times where absolute evil, terror and deviant lifestyle is prevailing it calls upon us as ambassadors of Islam to live Islam with devotion, determination, and resilience. Living as a minority do we not have a greater role to play for ourselves and our children?

Dear Muminin, as we go through these unprecedented and challenging times let us reassure ourselves that we are not left alone. In these times of crisis and social disruption, we turn to Allah SWT for spiritual guidance and assurance.
In celebrating the joyful occasion of B’ithat of Noble Prophet let us re-commission ourselves and families to overcome the numerous challenges towards living Islam, Inshallah.

(3) Commitment to Imam al Mahdi A.F:

40 years after his birth on B’ithat, it was at the right moment that the Noble Prophet was Divinely instructed to commence the mission. Knowing that the birth of Imam Sahibaz Zaman – master of our age- Imam Al Mahdi A.F. has taken place, then indeed it is at the right moment of the choice of Allah SWT that the day of dhuhur -reappearance- of the Imam will take place. That is when his role will be activated to provide faraj-delivery- from all the corruption, injustice, oppression and chaos prevailing in these days of aakhar zaman. Dedicate yourself to Imam al Mahdi A.F. Increase your love and hope for the Imam. Strengthen your belief and commitment to the Imam A.F.

28th Rajab 60 A.H. Day of departure of Imam Husayn together with his family and close companions from the sanctity of Madina after refusing to pledge allegiance to Yazid. Thus, the journey towards Karbala commences.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

With salaams and duas

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat