2nd half of the Year begins:

Rajab, the 7th month, marks the commencement of a special season for the nafs. Just as spring season marks regrowth of vegetation, the month of Rajab ignites the renewal of a person’s soul and quest for attaining ridha- pleasure- of Allah SWT. In this sense Rajab is the month of reseeding our faith and relationship with Allah.

Excellence of Rajab and 7 action points:

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Wiladat 5th Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir a.s.

Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Birth Anniversary of 5th Imam Muhammad Al Baqir (A.S.)

Unique lineage:

He was born on 1st Rajab 57 A.H. in Medina. His parents are the 4th Imam Ali Zaynul ‘Abidin a.s. and Bibi Fatima bint Hasan. Note that both his paternal grandfather (Imam Husayn) and maternal grandfather (Imam Hasan) are Imams.

Greetings from Noble Prophet:

Noble Prophet mentions to his renowned companion Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari, that,”… you would live long enough to see a descendant of mine, who will have the same name and characteristics as me. He will certainly be Al Baqir (the one who is deeply knowledgeable, sharply wise and cuts deep through the science of religion). Convey my salams to him”.

Scholarship: Al Baqir: It is an abbreviation of the word Baqir Al Ulum meaning the one who splits open knowledge. This title of 5th Imam was foretold by the Noble Prophet.
Together with his son the 6th Imam, they both were known as Al Baqirayn; the two Baqirs. They had key role in promoting training of scholars, recording of hadith and groundbreaking in setting up ilmul usul (science of deriving rulings from original sources).

What 2 characteristics would one look for?

Just as this is generic question is commonly asked at various instances such as when seeking something, likewise it can be asked: What 2 qualities does Allah expect from Man?

“By Allah! Allah does not desire from the people save for two characteristics: To repeatedly appreciate him for the bounties, so that He may increase them ….” Imam Al Baqir a.s.

How does one go about to appreciate them?

  1. As the hadith being quoted is from 5th Imam herebelow are 5 ways:
    Acknowledge that it is Divinely bestowed. It didn’t come about by chance or due to one’s own doing, lineage etc.
  2. There is a purpose for the bounty.
  3. Appreciate being delighted and praising it.
  4. Gratitude: thankful
  5. Correct utilization

What is the impact of acknowledging and appreciating the bounties?

“By Allah! Allah does not desire from the people save for two characteristics: To repeatedly appreciate him for the bounties, so that He may increase them ….” Imam Al Baqir a.s.

Recommended dua for dawn:

It is reported from Amiral Muminin Imam Ali a.s. that the Noble Prophet said, ”I fear for one who wakes up and does not recall the four bounties from Allah, then those bounties will be gone:
All praise to Allah who has made Himself known to me and has not left my heart in darkness.
All praise to Allah who included me among the ummah –community- of Muhammad S.A.W.W.
All praise to Allah who ordained my sustenance to be in His control and has not left in the hands of the people.
All praise to Allah who has concealed my sins and defects and has not embarrassed me among the people”

It is recommended to recite the above statements at dawn. One may recite as t’aqibat for Fajr salat.

Appreciating the bounty and being grateful leads into their increase.
This implies that one who fails to do so would end up with no increase or miss the bounty.

Such is the power of identifying, acknowledging the bounties and thereafter appreciating, being grateful for them that one’s psychological state becomes in good mood and filled with joy.

At a time when we are all going through the challenges due to the epidemic isn’t this a great tip for building on our wellbeing and mental health?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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