12th Jamadi al Thaani 1441 / 6th February 2020 - Topic: Tools of Shaytan

Majlis Summary

Divine announcement:

“ Shaytan is indeed your enemy..” (Sura al Fatir 35:6)
What reaction is Allah SWT expected from us?
“ …so treat him (Shaytan) as your enemy..” (Sura al Fatir 35:6)

What is the strategy of Shaytan?

“He (Shaytan) and his troops look at you from where you do not see them.” Sura al A’raaf 7:27.

“Certainly Shaytan is always at the rear of man in everything.” Imam Ali a.s.
“ ..intending to ensnare none, but our friends.” 6th Imam J’afar as Sadiq a.s.

What tools does Shaytan use in his mission? 

From among the numerous tools of Shaytan, 8 will be discussed, InshAllah.  

When Shaytan was being expelled from heaven he pleaded to Allah SWT for recompense of his service offered over a long period of 7000 years.
“He (Shaytan) said: Lord give me a respite till the day when they are raised. He (Allah) said: Then indeed you will be of those who are given respite.” (Sura al Hijr 15:36-37)

Tool 1: Due to this respite, Shaytan has made us believe that he does not exist. This is his biggest success in making us neglectful of his presence.

Another plea Shaytan made for recompence was to be given ability to create doubts and fears in the hearts of human beings.

Tool 2:  Creating doubts / temptations. Whispering of Shaytan. Whilst doing any act of ibadah /service doubts occur.
“A good deed accompanied by doubt and denial is to no avail.” 5th Imam al Baqir a.s.

Tool 3: Creating fear: Human being thinks of what would happen if they were to happen to them if they were to do an act of ibadah eg observing hijab, refraining contact with na mahram, volunteering, charity, amr bil m’aruf and other various deeds.  The fear then turns away man who gives his back to the Divine service.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat