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Be with the Truthful:

“O you who Believe! Guard your duty towards Allah and be with the Saadiqin (the truthful) ones..” Sura At Tawba :119.

The verse is addressed to a target audience-The believers- who are issued with two instructions: Taqwa and to be with the Saadiqin.

The use of Saadiqin ,the plural form of the noun Sadiq, indicates that there are more than one person who are in the group of the Saadiqin. Top on the list is the noble Prophet followed by Amiral Muminin who is addressed as Siddiq al Akbar by the noble Prophet. Sayyida Fatima is Siddiqa.Further the 6th Imam too is included in this esteemed group by virtue of the prophet addressing him as Sadiq.

Therefore for one, as a believer, who desires to obey Allah, fulfill the injunction of Qur’an as per the above verse needs to be with the saadiqin.

Question: What does it mean to be with the Saadiqin? How can one be with them?

The 6th Imam at a glance:

At the time of his birth his grandfather the 4th Imam Ali Zaynul Abidin was alive thus spent 12 years under him.At the age of 31 years, he assumed the reins of leadership as the Imam at the demise of his father, the 5th Imam Muhammad AlBaqir, in 114 A.H. He served as the Imam for 34 years till his martyrdom on 25th Shawwal, 148 A.H.

Shia Ithna Asheri also known as J’afari:

The period of 6th Imam guidance is akin to the youth stage in humans.This phase has a marked impact on the course of one’s life. Thus we, the Shia Ithna Asheri (followers of 12 Imams), are commonly known as the J’afari for the corpus of our resources of jurisprudence was set up and disseminated in the era of the 6th Imam J’afar As Sadiq. Majority of traditions have been transmitted on authority of 6th Imam as much as from the other Imams.

In one of his discourses the 6th Imam explained that when he narrates a hadith-statement- then know that the source is a chain from his father,grandfather,3rd Imam, 2nd Imam, Amiral Muminin who narrates from the Messenger of Allah.

Therefore one can note very confidently that by virtue of the statements of Imam J’afar being connected directly to Rasulallah, then the fiqh J’afari is actually the fiqh Rasulallah.

One Role of Imamat:

Addressing the Agnostic /Atheistic debates. The Imam lived during turbulent times. Some of the challenges included the Banu Umayya /Banu Abbasi leadership feuds, the interaction of the ummah with culture and ideology in foreign lands and other issues.

Al Jud bin Dirham, drowned in atheism, publicly announced his state and conducted classes. Once he put soil and water in a bottle and after a while there were worms inside. Negating the presence of God , he addressed his students, ”I have created this, because I was the creator of this creation.”

Imam Al Sadiq was informed of this statement and he retorted with clear reasoning,  ”If it was he who created that, so he might say :how many worms are there? how many male and female are there? What is the weight of each single one?”

When al Jud heard of this reasoning, he ceased his speech and escaped.

Abu Shakir Al Daysani asked for the evidence of creator and creation of the world. The 6th Imam called for an eggand placing it in his palm said:,” This is a compact protective protective contatiner;inside it is the thin substance of an eggwhich is surrounded by what could be compared with fluid silver (albumen) and melted gold(yolk).Do you doubt that?”

Al Daysani replied,” There can be no doubt about it.”

Imam continued,”Then it splits open showing a form like (for example) a peacock.Has anything been added into it other than what you know (to be there already)?

“No,” replied al Daysani.

“This then is the evidence for the creation of the world,” said the Imam.

Martyrdom of Imam:

On 25th Shawwal, 148 A.H; at the age of 65, Imam is martyred by poison. Imam designates his son the 7th Imam to perform the final burial rites. He is buried in Jannatul Baqi.

Condolences to Imam Sahibaz Zaman and the Ahlul Bayt on the martyrdom of Imam J’afar as Sadiq a.s.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
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