9th imamMajlis Summary:

Rajab – the 7th month: Season of devoting servitude:

Campaign (5): Tahlil:

“One who recites in the month of Rajab LAA ILAHA ILLALLAAH thousand times, Allah will record for him 100 000 virtues and build him 100 cities in heaven.” (Noble Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAWW.)
TIP: How about reciting daily LAA ILAHA ILLALLAAH at least 30 times (will be 990 +10 =1000) or reciting this statement 100 times for ten days of this month?

Campaign (6): 27th Rajab:

“In Rajab there is a night which is better for people than all the things on which the sun shines. It is the night of 27th Rajab when the Messenger of Allah was commissioned on its day. Whoever from our Shias performs the a‘māl for this night, gets the reward of [performing good deeds] for 60 years.” 9th Imam Muhammad Al Taqi a.s.

“Do not abandon fasting on the 27th day of Rajab. For it is the day on which prophethood was commissioned upon Muhammad (SAWW) and its reward is equivalent to (fasting) sixty months for you.” 6th Imam J’afar As Sadiq a.s.
Several deeds of devotion have been recommended for performance on the night and day of 27th Rajab.

Take advantage of being blessed with life to be present in this auspicious month of Rajab.

Imam Musa Al Kadhim Day:

The 7th Imam Musa Al Kadhim was born on the 7th Safar, 128 A.H. As this date is in month of Safar, part of the period of mourning, therefore the occassion to observe wiladat of 7th Imam is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th month (Rajab). He is the son of our sixth Imam J’afar As Sadiq and Bibi Hamida Al Barbaria who originates from North Africa.

The 7th Imam is well known by two titles: Abdus Salih. (The most virtuous servant) and Babul Hawaa-ij (Gate to fulfillment of one’s needs). These names reflect the occupation of the Imam who during his time was known to be the most worshipping /servitude and the most generous of the people.
The excellence of fulfilling the needs is even manifested in times after his martyrdom through visitation /ziyarat to his grave.
Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Birth Anniversary of our beloved Ninth Imam Muhammad At Taqi Al Jawad (A.S.)
The ninth Imam Muhammad At Taqi a.s. was born in Madina on 10th Rajab 195 A.H. He is the son of our eighth Imam Ali Ar Ridha a.s. and Bibi Sabika /Khayzran of Nubian origin.

Imam had assumed office of Imamat at young age and the Abbasid ruler Mamun allotted him abundant wealth. He would spend all on charity and support to the needy. For these abundant acts of generosity and beneficence the Imam is addressed as Al Jawad.
Mamun Rashid laid down several plans to lure the Imam through women, wine, music and other deeds. All these failed. It was the fact that Imam was always in supreme taqwa defence against the difficult ploys of Mamun that he is known as At Taqi.

Reflect on the four titles: Abdus Salih, Babul Hawaa-ij, Jawad and Taqi:

In our times especially after the tragic terror attack in New Zealand how do we develop resilience to devotedly safeguard our faith and identity as Muslims?
Is it sufficient for one to excel in ibadah only in the plane of performing the ritual rites of ibadah?
How does one emulate the virtues enveloped in these names?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

With salaams and duas

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat