14th Jamaadi al Ula 1441 A.H. / 10th January 2020 - Topic: Audio Message purporting to be from Marja Taqleed

Majlis Summary

(a) Audio clip message for new year:

Message purporting to be from Marja Taqleed at the commencement of the new year 2020advising to undertake an act for protection of oneself and family from calamities. This audio clip has become viral; widely shared on social media.

My comments:

  • Strange to have a message from Marja at commencement of the Gregorian year 2020 when no similar advice given at commencement of the Hijri year.
  • At commencement of Muharram the message is with regards to advice for conduct in Azadari addressed to the speakers, management and participants.
  • Anonymous: The message does not contain any identification of the person and link to the Marja.
  • The act being advised in the message has not been found to have any similarity to the various devotion / amals for such occasion.
  • Such a message issued in Urdu has not been issued in Arabic or Farsi which are the basic languages of communications utilized by the Marja.
  • This message cannot be traced on the official websites and office of marja.

Action: Therefore, need to completely ignore it. Consider it as another of those ‘fake news’. Shouldn’t one verify any message before rushing to share as forwards?

(b) Current situation: some thoughts

Undoubtedly the events are traumatic and devastating. In an environment where Islamophobia is increasing, such events may have the potential to affect one’s emotional and spiritual well-being.
During these trying moments advise to reflect on the lives of Imam Husayn a.s. and Sayyida Zaynab a.s. They faced severe terror from the tyrant Yazid.
Put into context the great evil deeds of tyranny, oppression and arrogance displayed then by oppressors such as Firaun, Namrud, Yazid and others in history to the contemporary times.  

In her address to the tyrant Yazid, Sayyida Zaynab quoted verses of Qur’an including:
“Do not let those who disbelieve think that Our (God) giving them respite is good for them. We only give respite to them so that they may increase their sins. And certainly, there is a disgraceful chastisement for them.” Sura Aali Imran 3:178.  

Sayyida Zaynab is reminding Yazid not gloat over his apparent victory. What was the outcome of Yazid and other tyrants? This verse is a stark warning for the unjust, arrogant and oppressive peoples.

Today not only are the shrines of Imam Husayn, Sayyida Zaynab and the martyrs visited by millions, their memorable lives are honoured and kept alive , but their love resides deep in the hearts of millions all around the world.

Allah SWT has promised: “Soon the evil wrongdoers (who deal unjustly) with others shall come to know what an evil end their goals have turned to.” Sura Ash Shu’ara 26:227.

(c) Dua:

In the second khutba of salatul Jum’ah on Friday 3rd January, 2020 delivered at the haram of Imam Husayn a.s. our Marja Taqleed Seyyid Seestani (DZ) is urging to raise their palms to Allah SWT praying for faraj relief to being freed from the evil, wicked and treachery.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat