Hazrat Qasim

By Aliya Nurmohamed Wessex Madrasah Hazrat Qasim was the son of Imam Hassan and the nephew of Imam Hussein. He was born 7 th Shaban 47AH 3 years before his father passed away....

By Aliya Nurmohamed

Wessex Madrasah


Hazrat Qasim was the son of Imam Hassan and the nephew of Imam Hussein. He was born 7th Shaban 47AH 3 years before his father passed away. After Imam Hassan passed away Imam Hussein took Hazarat Qasim into his care and both Imam Hussein and Hazrat Abbas taught him valuable skills and lessons.

Hazrat Qasim was only 13 and he was very salient, courageous and brave. When Imam Hussein was preparing to leave Medina in 60AH Hazrat Qasims mother Umme Farwa asked Imam Hussein to take her and Hazrat Qasim with him and Imam Hussein agreed.

On the day of Ashura after Aun and Mohammed had fallen in the battlefield, Hazrat Qasim went to Imam and begged him for permission to go and fight but Imam Hussein refused. Hazrat Qasim was very disappointed and he went to his mother. When Ummie Farwa saw how disappointed her son was, she remembered that just before Imam Hassan had died, Imam Hassan had written a letter and told his wife Ummie Farwa that if Qasim is ever in difficulty, to give him this letter. The letter was given to Hazrat Qasim and inside it was written that Qasim must represent his father when Islam will need to be saved by sacrifice.

Hazarat Qasim presented the letter to Imam Hussein. Imam read the letter and after reading it allowed Hazrat Qasim to fight as this is what Imam had wanted Hazrat Qasim to do. Hazrat Qasim was also known for his handsomeness, when he approached the battlefield the enemy’s begin to think “how can we kill someone whose face shines like the moon”. On the battlefield Hazrat Qasim killed several warriors who came towards      him. When the enemy’s saw his bravery and realised that they couldn’t overpower him in a single combat, they sadly stood behind Hazrat Qasim and he was hit on the head with a sword.

Hazrat Qasim tried to continue fighting but unfortunately he was very young and thirsty. He fell from his horse saying “Oh my uncle, accept my last prayers”. Sadly by the time Imam Hussein read his nephews body it had been trampled all over by all the enemy’s horses. Imam Hussein covered his body with his cloak, and then returned to camp. He went to visit Umme Farwa’s tent with the other sisters to give Umme Farwa the news. She was found praying to Allah saying how proud she was of Hazrat Qasim and asking Allah to give her strength to bear the news of her son.