AFRA_logoThe 15Th Shabaan is a very important day for all the shias around the world. On this special day,we celebrate the birth of our 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (A.T.F.S).. At Wessex we celebrated this day on Saturday, the 16th July.

To mark this important date, we had especially made badges saying Ya Mahdi Adrikni and it was with the help of Master of our Time, Sahibuz Zaman (ATFS) that we started our fundraising.   Being such a glorious day, many people attended mosque, which helped AFRA yet again to carry on its goal, which is to raise money for our new mosque.

The events organised by AFRA which took place on the day were bake sale in the ladies, where the ladies kindly donated mouth watering cakes for us to sell. To add the fun, we also got the chance for professional application of henna by a team of experts comprising of Sister Fatima Nurmohamed, sister Anar Nurmohamed and sister Laila Nurmohamed who embellished the women of Wessex Jamaat with their dazzling designs. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to them for their great effort and success!

Moreover, in the gents we had  a flower auctioning which brought the liveliness to the day. Alhamdulillah, all the flowers were auctioned with the help of Dr Sadiq Merali, who we wish to extend our sincere gratitude. Ahsant!

And last but not least we also had “guess the weight of the cake” and the winner was Rukiyabai Canani. Mabruk Aunty!

Alhamdulillah together we have raised around £200 on this auspicious day of kushiaali of Imam Mahdi (ATFS). And we were able to do so thanks to each and every one of you, who helped and supported us. We felt Imam Mahdi(ATFS) blessings were with us on the day. Jazak’llah!

On this note, AFRA would like to thank you for your kind generosity and pray that you will continue to support us for the Almahdi Project in whatever way you can Insha’llah.

With salaams & duas,