Al Mahdi Madrasah organized Design a Card Competition to celebrate 1430 years of the historic occasion of Eid ul Ghadeer that took place on 18th Dhulhijjah 10 A.H. 

In addition to celebrating this auspicious Eid some of the objectives for this project was to encourage children to use their creative abilities to prepare Eid ul Ghadeer card, address a message to the Imam az Zamaan A.F. and to involve the family in conversations with regards to auspicious event of Ghadeer.

MashAllah the entries received  displayed excellent creative work with wonderful messages to Imam az Zaman A.F. The panel of judges were full of praise for the children's efforts and agreed that it was not an easy task to carry out their task.  

I would like to wholeheartedly commend all the children who took part in this competition. My duas , by wasila of Ahlul Bayt a.s. are for Divine acceptance of their efforts.

The Madrasah would like to acknowledge the efforts of all the devoted volunteers who faithfully took up the role to judge the entrants. This valuable support led to the success of the event. May Allah SWT accept their efforts, reward you with khayral jazai and grant you increased tawfiqat.  

The encouragement and support by Parents greatly contributed to the successful participation of entrants. Shukran for this valuable input. May you be rewarded for encouraging your children to be part of this celebration of Eid ul Ghadeer.   

Gifts were presented to all participants and outstanding entrants on Eid ul Mubahala Khushali programme. 

Herebelow is the list of outstanding entries: 

Female under 5:

*       First position: Zaynab Jamil Bandali 
*       Runner up: Zahra Minhal Ramani

Male Under 5: 

*       First position: Rayyan MuhammadAbbas Fazal 

Female above 6:

*       First Position : Mahdiya Fazle Abbas Datoo
*       Second Position : Amaanah Kulsum Jaffer
*       Third Position: Ruqayya Jamil Bandali 

Male above 6: 

*       First Position: ZameerHusein Alarakhia
*       Second Position:  Muddathir Kanji