20190630 120826Professional jobs require at least 3 years of intense learning together with additional internship periods before one is competent and licensed to
serve the public. However married couples are expected to take on the role of parents without graduating in a process similar to other formal

How does parenthood which is by far the job with the greatest responsibility demand nothing less attain competency? As parents, we look towards the Qur'an and hadith to guide us as well as experience and wisdom from others.

With this introduction the Resident Alima of KSIMC London Muallima Masumabai Jaffer and Sheikh Abbas Jaffer facilitated an interactive workshop for parents on Sunday 30 th June, 2019. A key objective of this session was to deliberate on the upbringing of our children, the essential role of parents towards their Tarbiyyah and how to support them in their development.

The parents were engaged in an enlightening insight into how to raise children in 3 stages according to the hadith of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). The workshop also entailed how to support and nurture our children by teaching them how to build their Islamic identity by connecting to their soul through a strong relationship with Allah SWT from a young age.

We were also given a brief insight into the RSE curriculum and how to approach and discuss various sensitive topics with our children from an Islamic perspective.

This workshop was a brilliant opportunity for youths, young parents and couples. We look forward to having another session with esteemed speakers in the hope that we can learn from them and be able to equip our children with everything they need to secure their beliefs in challenging times.

In concluding the workshop, Sheikh Fazle Abbas, our Resident Alim and Director of Madrasah, urged parents to take note of the contemporary challenges in upbringing of our children by reflecting on the actual contact time that a child spends with parents and in the Madrasah compared to
the time when the child spends with other occupations during a day/week. Does this not require parents to focus devotedly on their responsibility of tarbiyyah and to increase support to Madrasah?

Report compiled by Fatema Hameer Ramani