Dear Parents, 

Salamun alaykum,

Pray that you and your families are in good health.

Heartiest felicitations on wiladat of Amiral Muminin Imam Ali a.s.

The Madrasah timetable for the Late Spring Term (Academic Year 2018 /19) can be found here.

Note the following:

  • Last day of this term: 6th April, 2019.
  • Easter break:  No Madrasah on 13th and 20th April, 2019.
  • Madrasah resumes on 4th May, 2019.  
  • Shahru Ramadhan: As it is expected to commence from 6th / 7th May , there will be no Madrasah session from 11th May to 8th June, 2019.

Prepare your child for Madrasah: It has been noted that some children do not bring the Qur’an learning book or Tarbiyah Manual to the Madrasah. Failing to bring any of the books affects the participation of the student in class. The books are part of the resources to be utilised by the child during the lesson. Could you ensure that your child attends with writing material (Pen/Pencil, Paper), the Qur’an learning book ,Tarbiyah manual and a bag for the books. In order to have an effective learning day it is essential that children have all these required items with them during Madrasah.

Dua after Maghribayn Salat: All children attending Salatul Jamat had been set an assignment prior to the December holidays. They are required to fluently recite duas of taqibat after Maghribayn salat. Additional challenge is to memorise the 2 duas.

Further students who had not yet completed previous year’s assignment of Dhuhrayn duas are required to do so. Assessment is being done this term. You are requested to support your child in this task.  

Meanwhile, as has been the case, feel free to contact me if there is any clarification you may need.

Nowroz Mubarak with duas for increased barakah and protection from all calamities.


With salams and duas,

Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat