Parents: Back to Madrasah 14th January 2017

Madrasah classes will resume on 14th January, 2017. All children continuing Madrasah are required to attend from 12:30pm....

Dear Parents,
Salamun alaykum,
Pray that you and your families are deriving the blessings of Yawmul Jum'ah.

End of Term 1: 2016/17:

Bihamdillah the first term of the Madrasah Academic year 2016 /17 was completed with the successful introduction of Module 1 (The Creator and His Creation) and Module 2 (Divine Guidance) of Tarbiyah curriculum in all the Year Groups except for Hilal group. In consideration of their age, the children in Hilal group covered lessons from Module1 only. As from the second term Hilal group will now be learning Module 2.
It is gratifying to note from the Feedback forms completed by all students at the completion of each lesson on a Madrasah day that the children find the lessons are relevant and applicable. Overall the children have been enjoying the lessons and have been able to record what they have learnt. As with any new initiative, this innovative journey of inaugurating Tarbiyah curriculum in al Mahdi Madrasah, Wessex is not without its share of challenges, especially noting that our Madrasah is the first one globally to embark on implementation of this Tarbiyah Curriculum. Alhamdulillah it is only with the Divine Tawfiqat, dedication of the Muallimin and determination of the children that we are able to fare on this innovative journey of imparting Deeni T'alim for the benefit of our children. The continued support from Council of European Jamaats (CoEJ) and the MCE-WFED is appreciated.
At the assembly held on 26th November,2016 to observe Wafatun Nabi SAWW the theme of the event was Hijra related to the refugee crisis in our times. This enabled us to create awareness of the refugee crisis around us, our responsibilities and encourage the children to not only contribute towards the project, but make special duas for ease of the hardships which refugees, especially the children, have suffered and are still suffering as they seek refuge from conflict in their homelands. MashAllah the total amount contributed on the day by the students was £145/26.This could not have been done without your encouragement to children to make this generous donation. The proceeds have been donated towards the # Unspeakable. This is a project by the WFED on the Syrian Refugee crisis for providing mental health services to the Syrian refugees. Attached please find a letter of appreciation received from the WFED.

Teacher Development:

Our Madrasah places great importance to development of volunteers who devote time to serve as teachers. This term the Neuro-Psychology of Learning (NPL) programme is being organised over the weekend of 7th and 8th January, 2017.
Note there will be no Madrasah on 7th January, 2017.The programme is being kindly facilitated by Spiritual Academies Network- Council of European Jamaats (SAN –CoEJ) and MCE-WFED.

Back to Madrasah:

Madrasah classes will resume on 14th January, 2017. All children continuing Madrasah are required to attend from 12:30pm. Could you ensure that your child attends with writing material (Pen/Pencil, Paper) and a bag for the books. Madrasah will end at normal time 4:00pm. Note that there will be no new admissions.

The timetable for the second term 2016/17 will be dispatched to you next week, InshAllah.
We would like to once again draw your attention to the dressing for Madrasah and the Attendance policy. Request you to kindly familiarise with them. We seek your support to uphold these practices for the successful operation of our Madrasah.
Together with your support and Divine tawfiqat we look forward to another term of imparting Deeni T'alim to our children, InshAllah. Your gifts of duas for the devoted volunteers serving Al Mahdi Madrasah is greatly valued.
Request you to kindly pray for barakah and success of Deeni T'alim for our children.
Meanwhile, as has been the case, feel free to contact me if there is any clarification you may need.
With salams and duas,

Fazle Abbas

Fazle Abbas Datoo
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat