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Date 25/11 26/11
Imsaak: 06:07 06:08
Fajr: 06:17 06:18
Sunrise: 07:36 07:37
Zohr: 11:56 11:56
Maghrib: 04:16 04:15

7th Safar 1437 A.H. / 19th November 2015 - Topic: Wafat 2nd Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba

Imam-Hassan-MartydomMajlis Summary

Condolences to Imam Sahibaz Zaman and the Ahlul Bayt on the martyrdom of Imam Hasan Al Mujtaba bin Ali bin Abi Talib a.s.

30th Muharram 1437 A.H / 12th November 2015 - Topic: 20th Shuhada Karbala

edwardMajlis Summary

O son of Shabib! If you would desire to be in the same high ranks of paradise with us then be sad at our sadness; be happy at our happiness..

Statement: Local Muslim community condemns Paris attacks

"We are deeply shocked and profoundly saddened at these appalling acts of terror and violence perpetrated against innocent civilians. Our thoughts and prayers are for those killed or injured..."

Recommended amaal for the month of Safar

According to some traditions this month is known to be inauspicious. To avert misfortune nothing is more effective than giving Sadqa, reciting duas and seeking refuge of Allah SWT.

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