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Salatul Juma
April 25, 2014 (1:07 pm)
Majlis for Marhuma Faieza Fadhley
April 26, 2014 (7:00 pm)

Prayer Time Table

Date 17/04 18/04
Imsaak: 03:55 03:53
Fajr: 04:05 04:03
Sunrise: 06:05 06:03
Zohr: 01:08 01:08
Maghrib: 08:13 08:14

Recommended A'maal for month of Jamadi al Thani

Salaamun Alaykum,

Of the prayers recommended for Jamaadi al Thani, Seyyid Ibn Tawos reports that for one who performs the following a'maals  Allah protects him and his property, wife and children and affairs of this world and the hereafter till the ensuing year. Should he die in that year, he is granted the thawaab of a martyr.

3rd Jamadi al Thani 1435 / 3rd April 2014 - Topic: Wafat Sayyida Fatima

Jasmine  flowerMajis Summary

Condolences to Imam SahibuzZaman (A.F.) and the AhlulBayt on the martyrdom of Sayyida Fatima Zahra a.s.

The Friday Message - Issue No: 194 - It's time for spring cleaning

spring2Issue No: 194
28th March 2014
26th Jamadi ul Awwal 1435 A.H.

QSC Session 1 | 28th March 2014

Dear Mu'mineen,

Salamun alaykum,

We had our first Quran Study Circle (QSC) session on Friday 28 March conducted by Shaykh FazleAbbas.  This was alhamdulillah well attendend and part of the opening session was an introduction setting the ground rules drawn up in consultation with the attendees and what to expect from future QSC sessions.

20th Jamadi ul Awwal 1435 A.H. / 21st March 2014 - Topic: Escape from death?

nawruzMajlis Summary

'Do you not see those who went forth from their homes, they were in thousands, for fear of death? Then Allah said to them: Die. Then He returned them to life. Most surely Allah is Gracious to the people. But most people are not grateful' - 2:243

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