Partial Lunar Eclipse | Thursday 25th April 2013?

Partial-Lunar-EclipseSalamun alaykum,


A partial Lunar eclipse is due to occur tomorrow Thursday 25th April, 2013 and this will be visible over Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The partial eclipse will begin at 20:54 and end at 21:21 U.K. time. The moment of greatest eclipse takes place at 21:07.The timings of the major phases of the eclipse are listed below:

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 20:03:38

Partial Eclipse Begins: 20:54:08

Greatest Eclipse: 21:07:30

Partial Eclipse Ends: 21:21:02

Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 23:11:26

It is Wajib to pray Salatul Ayat during the eclipse, preferably between 8:54 p.m. to 9:07 p.m.

The rules and method of Salatul Ayat is given in Ayatullah Seestani's Risala (Ruling Nos: 1500 to 1524 )

Some relevant rulings from Islamic laws by Ayatullah Al 'Udhama Seyyid Ali Seestani :

  • Offering of Salatul Ayat is obligatory for the residents of only that town in which the event takes place
  • The time for Salatul Ayat sets in as the eclipse starts, and remains till the eclipse is over. It is better however not to delay till the reversal of eclipse commences, though completion of Salatul Ayat may coincide with the time of reversal.It can however be prayed till the end of the eclipse with Niyyat of 'Ada'.
  • If a person did not know about the sun or moon eclipse, and came to know after the eclipse was over, he should give its qadha if it was a total eclipse. And if he comes to know that the eclipse was partial, qadha will not be obligatory.

You may access some useful masail related to the performance of Salatul Ayat at the below link:

Attention is drawn to an important clarification, from Ayatullah al Udhama Seyyid Seestani, on the correct method of performing Salatul Ayat. Visit the link:

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Fazle Abbas Datoo
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