Majlis Summary


Two things happening on 31st October:

• U.K. clocks go back

• Halloween

Do we celebrate Halloween ?

Before one indulges in these celebrations there is need to understand the history and the pagan connections to this event. Refer to Risalatul Juma – The Friday Message (96).

As muslims we hold firm belief in Tawhid – the first root in Usulud din. How can we worship only Allah, the Creator, if we participate in activities that are based in pagan rituals and the spirit world?

"Behold, your Lord said to the angels: "I am going to place a vicegerent on earth." (Sura al-Baqara 2:30)

The purpose for creation of man is to be a Steward of Almighty Allah on this earth. Is this festival in line with our role as stewards? We have been cautioned against exceeding our role, performing Israf and becoming musrifin. For Allah does not love the musrifin.

Life is from Water :

Knowledge in biological sciences concludes that all life began in the water. The original basis of living matter and the physical basis of life is the Protoplasm. This is the living content of a cell. Protoplasm comes from Greek. 'Protos' stands for first and 'Plasm' for thing formed. Protoplasm is composed of a mixture of molecules of which water is the most single abundant component.

"The first thing that He (Allah) created from His creation was the substance that all things come from, and that is water." (Imam Muhammad Al-Baqir a.s. )

Dahwul-Ardh :

The phrase "DahwulArdh" literally means "The spread of the earth".

According to a hadith of the Holy Prophet s.a.w.w. DahwulArdh (formation of land) took place on the 25th of Dhulqa'da.

The water at the point of the Kaaba cooled down and formation of land commenced.

"Most surely the first house appointed for man is the one at Bakka, blessed and a guidance for all nations." Sura Ale Imaran 3:96

'Bakka' is a variant of Makka.

It is reported in ahadith that the valley of Makka was the first part of the earth which emerged above the surface of water and cooled down /solidified forming the earth.

FOUR things to do on this day:

1. Perform ghusl

2. Recite the recommended prayers for the day.

3. Highly Recommended to fast.

4. Duas.

Benefits of keeping this a Day of Worship

-Fasting on this day would act as a Kaffarah for sins and record reward for fasting 60 months.

-If there is a group of Muslims who gather together and perform the Dhikr of their Lord, they will not separate from one another before they are given what they ask for (from Allah).

-Whoever fasts on this day , everything that is between the heavens and the Earth will ask repentance for him from Allah SWT

An insight into the true performance of the deeds for the day:

Ghusl: Purification from the evil desires of excessive want, greed leading to corruption on earth.

Salat: Humble acknowledgement that one is not the master, but only a slave serving as steward and that the Lord is Allah SWT

Sawm: Not only refraining from eating and drinking, but being conscious to take charge of the limbs and senses to abstain from causing harm, pollution on earth.

Dua: To seek Divine help to discharge our role as Ibadallah- the slaves of Allah.



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