Majlis Summary

Appointed days:Days of virtue and righteous deeds

Remember/Celebrate the praise of Allah during the appointed days.(Sura al-Baqara 2:203)

Laylatu Arafa: Night of great excellence :

The night of 9th Dhulhijjah is a great auspicious night for pleading to Allah SWT. It is the night of munajat (conversation). Duas are accepted, one who acts in obedience to Allah is rewarded deeds of 170 years and tawba is granted to the repentant ones.

Yawmul Arafa: 9th Dhulhijjah:

This day is highly recommended for seeking ones pleas from Allah SWT.
On the day of Arafa, Imam Zaynul Abidin a.s. admonishes a beggar asking from the people. Are you begging from other than Allah on this day? Even for the baby in the mothers womb, there is the hope that Allah’s mercy is with him and that he will become virtuous.”
Imam J’afar Sadiq explains that on closing hours of this day Allah SWT informs His angels to bear witness that He is obliged to respond to the duas of the good doers, accept their deeds and forgive them.
Let us make effort to benefit from this open door for our hajat. Remember to pray for the parents, family, community, Marja taqlid, Ulama, leaders,the sick ones, departed souls, the Ummah and for all who have their hajat.

Announcement in Kufa:

On the eve of 9th Dhulhijjah 60 A.H., the town crier in Kufa makes an announcement that any person found associating with Muslim bin Aqil, the emissary of Imam Husayn who has declined to owe allegiance to the ruler Yazid bin Muawiya will be considered a rebel and by way of punishment will be hanged, body drawn and quartered into pieces, his entire family will be put to sword and his property confiscated……

Muslim bin Aqil: the Ambassador is abandoned :

When Muslim bin Aqil completes leading the maghrib salat in the mosque and turns back he found the mosque empty except for a handful persons including his host Hani bin Urwa.
Later he comes out of the mosque slowly .He did not know which way to turn .The whole town had become hostile to him.

Lady offers refuge :

The tired, hungry and exhausted Muslim is offered water by a lady called  Tau'aa. When she learnt who he was, she offered him shelter for the night. Late at night Tau'aa's son learns that the man Ubaydullah Ibne Ziyad was looking for was in his mother's house. He gives the information to Ibne Ziyad army.

Demand for Muslim :

Early the next morning, soldiers surround the house of Tau'aa and demand Muslim's surrender. Muslim came out holding his sword. Three times he drove the enemy away and killed 150 men. Twice Ibne Ziyad  sends in reinforcements. While Muslim was fighting, some soldiers went up the rooftops and began throwing stones and lighted torches at him. Others dug a trench in his path covering it with grass. Muslim kept on fighting. As a trick, soldiers of ibne Ziyad offered peace and protection to Muslim but he rejected the offer. Badly wounded and exhausted finally Muslim fell into the trench. The soldiers pounced upon him and chained him. He was dragged to the court of Ibne Ziyad who proclaims that Muslim would be killed.

Muslim bin Aqil makes his last will :

“I owe a debt which should be discharged by selling off my sword and armour. Secondly I want my body to be given a proper burial. Thirdly I want a message sent to Imam Husayn advising him not to come to Kufa." Ibne Ziyad agreed to the first request but refused to do anything about the second and third requests.

Muslim bin Aqil meets martyrdom: 9th Dhulhijjah 60A.H.

Muslim is taken to the roof of the palace. He was calm and composed as he was dragged up the steps; reciting "Allahu Akbar" until the last moment. Then there was an absolute silence followed by a thud as the head of  Muslim was chopped and his body fell to the ground.

A witness to these beastly events is able to escape from Kufa and meets Imam Husayn a.s. conveying the sad tidings of Muslim bin Aqil. Imam Husayn condoles the daughter of Muslim bin Aqil…..

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah


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