Majlis Summary

Delivered at Mehfile Abbas, KSIMC of Birmingham

3 events highlight status of Ahlul Bayt:

Having observed auspicious occasion of the declaration of completion of religion, perfection of bounties and pleasure of Allah for Islam as our religion on Eid ul Ghadeer, during the month of Dhulhijjah three significant historical events took place which emphasise the status of Ahlul Bayt a.s.

First :

25th Dhulhijjah: Revelation of the Sura No:76 Sura Al Insan/ Sura Ad Dahr, also commonly known as Hal ata..;
During the illness of Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn, the holy prophet advised Imam Ali and Bibi Fatima to make nadhr a promise to Allah that they would observe fasts for three consecutive days if their sons got well. Soon they returned to normal health. So Imam Ali, Bibi Fatima, Imam Hasan, Imam Husayn and Bibi Fidhdha fasted three successive days. Each day, at the time of breaking the fast, a different person came (Poor man, Orphan and Prisoner) knocked at the door. All that was there to eat was given away to him. All of them used water to break their fasts and went to sleep without food. After completion of three fasts, Bibi Fatima offered prayers of shukr to Allah; and then the Holy Prophet informed her that Archangel Jibrail had brought these verses of Sura Ad Dahr in their praise.

Second :

25th Dhulhijjah: Revelation of the ayah on Wilayah (Mastership) :Verily, your Master (wali) is only Allah and His Apostle and those who believe, those who establish prayers, and pay the zakat while in ruku (Sura Al Maaida 5:55) on the event of granting of his ring as charity by Amirul Muminin  Imam Ali bin Abi Talib a.s; to a beggar, while he was in ruku. All the scholars and commentators of holy qur’an unanimously hold, that this verse refers to Imam Ali a.s. when he gave his ring to a beggar while bowing down in the course of his prayers. More details refer Risalatul Jum'a /Friday message No: 15- (15) 11th DEC 2009.
It clearly shows that there are only three masters of the believers. Firstly, Allah secondly, His Prophet and thirdly, Imam Ali a.s. (with the eleven succeeding Imams) Therefore, obedience to the Holy Prophet must be as it should be to Allah, and obedience to Imam Ali a.s. and his successors (the eleven Imams among the Ahl ul Bayt) must be as it should be to the Holy Prophet.


24th Dulhijjah 9 A.H.: Interaction of the muslim community led by the holy Prophet s.a.w.w. with the Christian delegation from Najran leading to Eid ul Mubahala.

After the treaty of Hudaybiya followed by the peaceful conquest of Makka, the holy prophet started sending emissaries to the tribes who had not yet submitted to islam. Some 40 letters were written and dispatched through trusted representatives to various regions including Iran, Rome, Abyssinia, Egypt,Yamamah,Yemen.

One such letter was addressed to the people of Najran located in northern mountainous region of Yemen where some 40 000 christians inhabited the villages.
After commencing in the name of God of Ibrahim,Ishaq and Yaqub the letter contained salutations, invitation to submit to Islam and if they chose not to accept this invitation then they are to pay Jizya: a tribute for enjoying the protection of the Islamic state.

On receiving this letter the community of Najran called a meeting where it was decided to send a delegation to meet the holy prophet in Medina.
In Medina their discussions with the holy prophet took place on Tawheed, miraculous birth of Nabi Isa and their belief in the son of God. After detailed deliberations, the following verse of holy quran was revealed:
“Whosoever disputes with you in this matter after what has come to you of knowledge then say: Come let us call our sons and your sons, our women and your women, ourselves and yourselves; then let us (do mubahala) pray for the curse of Allah upon those who are liars.” Sura Ale Imaran 3:61

On the appointed day large number of the residents of Medina had gathered at the site and the holy prophet was leading a convoy with Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn by his arms, Bibi Fatima following him and Imam Ali at the rear. These were the ones chosen by holy prophet  to represent persons as per above ayah 3:61.

On seeing this procession, the delegation from Najran chose not to engage into mubahala, maintain their own faith and that they would accept the dominance of the Muslims and pay an annual tribute. The Holy Prophet accepted the offer, entered into a treaty with them. The terms of the pact included assurance to continue in their condition of living, no alteration in their rights, not to be called to do free labour.

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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