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Continued from previous majlis: 4 Recommended deeds to perform:

(iv) Laylatu Arafa: Night of great excellence:

The night of 9th Dhulhijjah is a great auspicious night for pleading to Allah SWT.
“On night of Arafa, the duas of one who seeks goodness are accepted, one who acts in obedience to Allah is rewarded deeds of 170 years; it is the night of munajat (conversation) with Allah in which He grants tawba to the repentant ones.” (Noble Prophet s.a.w.w.)

Yawmul Arafa: Day 9th Dhulhijjah:

A day highly recommended for seeking ones pleas from Allah SWT.
Traditions narrate that for those who were not able to achieve their purpose and goal (acceptance of Hajat ) in Laylatul Qadr or those who were not forgiven on that day, then there is another occasion to realize that. The last opportunity for them is the day of Arafah; the 9th of Dhulhijjah.
It is reported that that on the day of Arafa, Imam Zaynul Abidin a.s. heard the voice of a beggar asking from the people. He turned to the beggar and said,” Shame on you! Are you begging from other than Allah on this day? Even for the baby in the mother’s womb, there is the hope that Allah’s mercy is with him and that he will become virtuous.”

Imam J’afar Sadiq explains that on closing hours of this day Allah SWT informs His angels to bear witness that He is obliged to respond to the duas of the good doers, accept their deeds and forgive them.

In what state would you like the angels to witness you on these dates?

Three significant occasions:

Departure of Imam Husayn from Makka towards Iraq on 9th Dhulhijjah 60 A.H.
Martyrdom of Muslim bin Aqil in Kufa on 9th Dhulhijjah 60 A.H.
Martyrdom of 5th Imam Muhammad Al Baqir a.s.

Wafat of 5th Imam Muhammad Al Baqir a.s. :

He was present in Karbala on Ashura 61 A.H. and was a witness to the massacre carried out. He was included in the caravan of prisoners to Kufa and Sham. He underwent these sufferings at young age of 3 / 4 years.
Imam Muhammad Baqir takes the reins of Imamat at 38 years age in 95 A.H. at the wafat of his father the 4th Imam and rightfully leads the ummah for 19 years.

Promoting Scholarship:

Al Baqir (the one who is deeply knowledgeable, sharply wise and cuts deep through the science of religion).
During his Imamate, the Ummayyah empire was on the downfall. Thus Imam had ample time to continue the institution of education set up by his father through duas, narrating the tragedy of Karbala and expounding on Islamic sciences whereby the science of Ilmul Usul- method of deriving ruling from the original sources- was established. All this is true to the title Al Baqir bestowed by the Noble Prophet.

Two scenarios to reflect:

As a follower of Imam Al Baqir how committed is one to seeking knowledge and conveying to others?

(i)Seeking knowledge: Traditions emphasize seeking knowledge from cradle to grave. In one’s daily life one is occupied in different activities ranging from sleeping, praying, learning, leisure to seeking livelihood. How can one turn every moment into learning? What adjustments in life need to be done so that this can be attained? Which of the various states do you find most excellent?

(ii)Imparting knowledge: Tremendous reward for this deed.
“One who teaches a chapter of guidance will have the reward similar to all who acted upon it.” Imam Al Baqir a.s.

Basically the greatest opportunity is available to parents to build faith in their children. This commences even before birth of the child. The madrasah in a community is an extension of the discharge of this parental responsibility.
Just as the loss of parents makes a child to become an orphan so is the community without a madrasah considered to be an orphan.

What can you do?

Wessex Al Mahdi Madrasah needs you. A passionate appeal to consider serving in the madrasah. Your awareness on Islam will increase and you will earn the abundant rewards, InshAllah.
Hisham bin Abdul Malik undertakes several attempts to humiliate the Imam including arresting him and summoning him to Sham. Finally the Imam submits to martyrdom by poison on 7th Dhulhijjah 114 A.H. at age of 57 years. He is buried in Jannnatul Baqi, Madina.

Muslim bin Aqil meets martyrdom: 9th Dhulhijjah 60A.H.

Muslim is taken to the roof of the palace. He was calm and composed as he was dragged up the steps; reciting "Allahu Akbar" until the last moment. Then there was an absolute silence followed by a thud as the head of Muslim was chopped and his body flung to the ground.

Condolences to Imam Sahibuz Zaman (A.F.) and the Ahlul Bayt a.s.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

With salaams and duas

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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