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What is the best deed?

In response to what is the best deed to be performed in Sha’baan, the Noble Prophet stated: Sadaqah (charity) and Istighfar (seeking forgiveness).

Excellence of sadaqah - charity - in Sh’abaan:

“If a person gives in charity during Sh’abaan, Allah nourishes it as humans nourish the baby camel. The deed of sadaqa- will meet the Donor on day of Judgment in a state in which it would have grown to the size of the mountain of Uhud.” Imam J’afar As Sadiq a.s.
Emphasis : “Offer sadaqa in this month, even if it is half a date, so that  Allah forbids fire of hell to touch his body.” Imam J’afar As Sadiq a.s.

Qardhe Hasana (friendly/good loan) - Greater reward than charity:

The 6th Imam J’afar As Sadiq said, “The following has been written on the door of Paradise: Indeed charity equals ten times (reward) and a loan equals to eighteen times.(reward).”
“Whosoever gives a loan to a mumin expecting his ease thereby ;his wealth would increase and the angels would invoke blessings upon him util he is paid.”


“One who seeks forgiveness and pardon seventy times during this month is like one seeking forgiveness seventy thousand times in other months.”
Recommendation to recite daily seventy times: ‘ASTAGHFIRULLAAHA WA AS-ALUHUT TAWBA.’

Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Wiladat of Qamare Bani Hashim Alamdaar AbulFadhl Abbas (A.S.)

Unique brotherly relation:

No two brotherly relations have been celebrated as much in history of Islam as these two:
One is that between Muhammad and Ali and the other between Husayn and Abbas.
Ali who opened his eyes in the laps of Muhammad and Abbas who gave his whole life, closing his eyes in the laps of Husayn, and till today stands guard at the gates of Husayn.
On 4th Sh’abaan 26 A.H, twenty two years, after the birth of Imam Husayn, Qanbar, a devotee of Amiral Muminin rushes to the Masjid Nabi to convey the pleasant news of birth of son whom Imam Ali named as Abbas (brave, fearless lion) after his uncle.

The shadow of Husayn:

Imam Husayn has been described by the Noble Prophet as the Light /lamp of guidance.
It is a fact that a shadow appears whenever there is light. The existence of Abul Fadhl Abbas is like the shadow completely portraying the 3rd Imam.

We all yearn to be like Abbas; a shadow of the Imam. In our age it is the Imam Sahibaz Zamaan A.F. Just as the life of Abbas was a shadow portraying the 3rd Imam how is one striving towards leading life that it becomes a shadow of our contemporary Imam Sahibaz Zamaan A.F.?

Martyrs amazed:

“May Allah have mercy upon my uncle Abbas.He has shown utmost altruism preferring his brother to himself. Just like J’afar who has been provided with wings, Abbas too on the day of judgement will have two wings. His status will be elevated such that the martyrs will look at him in amazement.” 4th Imam Ali Zaynul ‘A’abidin.

Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Wiladat of 4th Imam Zaynul ‘Aabidin Ali bin Husayn (A.S.)

Just as the 4th Imam Ali Zaynul Abidin prayed for Abbas, likewise he prays for special people:
“I pray one hundred times every day and night for the forgiveness of the sins of my shias, because we bear patience in difficulties that we are aware of, but our Shias have to bear patience in difficulties which(their outcome) is unknown to them.” Imam Ali Zaynul ‘Aabidin a.s.


  • Intensity of the love and affection of Imam towards their devotes; the shias.
  • Expectation of the Imam for the shias to radiate the same –forgiveness- between Shias themselves.
  • A duty of care by the Imam as the leader is being highlighted. Likewise for each one of us in our various roles of leadership from the home to the community radiating love and forgiveness is expected.
  • Respond by being grateful and appreciating this gift of prayers from the Imam. Reciprocate to dedicate deeds as gifts towards the Imam for this. Certainly gratitude will cause it to increase.  

The Friday 4th Sh’aban 38 A.H. our 4th Imam Ali Zaynul ‘Aaabidin was born to Imam Husayn and Bibi Shahzanan Yazdjard. He is  the one who is addressed as Zaynul ‘Aabidin - Jewel of the devotees - and Sayyidu Saajidin - Chief of the ones who prostrate.

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

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Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Wiladat of Qamare Bani Hashim Alamdaar AbulFadhl Abbas (A.S.)