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Heartiest Felicitations on the Happy and Auspicious Occasion of the Birth Anniversary of Imam Ali Ar-Ridha (A.S.)

11th Dhulqa’ada: Birth of the Eighth Imam Ali Ar-Ridha a.s. :

He was born in Medina in the year 148 A.H. He is the son of our seventh holy Imam Musa Al-Kadhim a.s. and Bibi Khayzran from Nubia ( present Sudan).Her other names are Najma, Ummul Banin, Arwi, Takattum.
Imam Ali Ar-Ridha a.s. lived in the care of his father Imam Musa Al-Kadhim a.s. He was 35 years old when his father died and he assumed the office of Imamat. He led the Ummah for 20 years.

Part of the Prophet’s body :

“Soon a part of my body would be buried in Khurasan. A faithful who visits (the grave) will definitely be rewarded with heaven and his body will be forbidden to the fire of hell.” Noble Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W.

Reference to the above hadith of the noble Prophet:

What is expected of our role towards the Imam so as to deserve this reward?


Imam offered the leadership by Mamun Rashid:
Mamun faces stiff opposition from three sides: the Abbasides family, the Alawi Seyyids and the Shias. Here he uses Imam Ali Ar Ridha a.s. as a bargaining block. Mamun Rashid proposes to abdicate and Imam to accept leadership; for which Imam does not agree.

Imam appointed as Wali Ahad / Heir Apparent :

Imam Ali Ar Ridha takes a negative stand to Mamun’s offer. Thereafter Mamun insists with threats to life of Imam that he accepts to be his successor. A special force is sent by Mamun to escort Imam to Merv following alternate routes to avoid shia stronghold areas.

Al Hadith Al-Dhahabi : The golden narration

Whilst on his way to Khurasan at Nayshapur, a city of scholars, the Imam a.s. was prevailed upon by the residents who had come to meet and see their great Imam to relate a hadith from his grandfather. Infront of myriads of people the Imam said: "I heard my father Musa bin Ja'far say: I heard my father Ja'far bin. Muhammad say: I heard my father Muhammad bin. Ali say: I heard my father Ali bin al-Husayn say: I heard my father al-Husayn bin Ali say: I heard my father the Commander of the faithful Ali bin Abi Talib say: My beloved one and the pleasure of my eyes the Messenger of Allah say that Jibrail heard from the Lord of the ‘Arsh (Allah) that: 'There is no god but Allah (Laa ilaha illal llah) is My stronghold, so he who enters My stronghold is safe from My chastisement.'"
Then the Imam halted. The crowd prevailed upon him to continue. Thus the Imam added: "But according to its conditions and requirements. I am among its conditions."
This unbroken link of narration from the Imam to the prophet is known as Al Hadith Al-Dhahabi : The golden narration.

Recognition of the Imam is a condition for safety from Divine chastisement :

Link the earlier hadith of prophet to the above hadith. The condition for fulfilment of the statement ‘Laa ilaha illal llah’ is the recognition and submission to the Wilayah; leadership by Divine appointment.
Therefore it is expected that our status of relationship to Wilayah is that like being creatures /slaves of Allah SWT, where the Master has complete ownership of ourselves.We are servants, devotees of the Prophet and the Imams.

Question: As a devotee, how submissive by heart, mind and deed is one to Allah, His prophet and the Imam? Are there times when ones feelings or actions are hijacked and not in submission to the master?

Special celebrations: Abundant Divine favours:

Today in addition to celebrating the auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of our beloved 8th Imam Ali ar Ridha a.s., this day also marks the occasion when the community was handed over its new home- Al Mahdi Centre last year 1433 A.H.
What is so unique in this community to have received abundant Divine n’imah-bounty- where from humble beginnings at Elm Grove for a community of 20 families of 75 heads, 10 students in madrasah and now 75 families of 300 heads, 80 students in madrasah housed at the ‘Pink bungalow’ to this new Al Mahdi?

It is the submission towards love that has catalysed the journey of this community. It is not only the bonds of relationship as muminin shias of Ahlul Bayt that you have created love for each other, but something more valuable. That is the mawaddah –love with obedience- to Ahlul Bayt.

What is it that you need to do more of for this invaluable shower of abundant n’imah to continue pouring upon us?

Reflect on the hadith by Imam Ali Ar Ridha a.s. “Visit each other so that you may increase love for one another.”

Granted many a times it does not turn out to be convenient to visit individual homes due to various factors such as time, distances and other conveniences.
Here we have Al Mahdi centre. This is a fulfilment of our vision to have a home for the children and family of Wessex.
Act on the exhortation by the Imam to visit each other at Al Mahdi, the family home where our Imam Az Zamaan A.F.is the household head.

Will this not result in increase of love, fraternity and support for each other?

Wa ma tawfiqi illa billah

Fazle Abbas Datoo
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Resident Alim
Wessex Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat