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Date 19/11 20/11
Imsaak: 05:59 06:00
Fajr: 06:09 06:10
Sunrise: 07:26 07:28
Zohr: 11:54 11:55
Maghrib: 04:22 04:21

22nd Dhulhijjah 1438 A.H. / 13th September 2017 - Topic: Protection from Shaytan

shaitan-is-your-enemyMajlis Summary

Refer to the story of refusal by Shaytan to obey the Divine command to bow towards Prophet Adam.

15th Dhulhijjah 1438 A.H. / 7th September 2017 - Topic: Wiladat of 10th Imam Imam Ali an Naqi (a.s.)

haram emam hosein-1024x683Majlis Summary

Heartiest felicitations on the happy and auspicious occasion of the birth anniversary of the 10th Imam Ali An Naqi a.s.!

Bayhouse school GCSE students visit Al Mahdi Centre

bayhouseOn Monday 3rd July, twelve Religious Studies pupils and two staff members from Bay House School had the great privilege of visiting Titchfield Al Mahdi Centre, the purpose of the trip being to enrich pupils' GCSE studies and to learn more about the Muslim community in their local area.

The Friday Message - Issue No: 292 - How will you pelt Shaytaan?

eid al adhaIssue No: 292
8th September 2017
16th Dhulhijjah 1438 A.H.

Wessex Jamaat Ramadhan CAN-paign – 1438 A.H. /2017

canpaign 2In reaching out to the needy, the youths of the Wessex Jamaat community launched ''Wessex Ramadhan CAN-paign'. The aim is to share the goodness of the month of Ramadhan by assisting the less fortunate in our local community through food items.

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